Reason for Incarceration Revealed (Part 2)
Chapter Information



Shūyō Riyū dai Bakuro (Kōhen)


Reason for Incarceration Revealed (Part 2)

Release Date

December 22, 2013


Volume 1



Chapter 11 Chapter 12.5



Hitoshi arrives at the prison to visit his brother only to find out that Hajime is giving his report to the warden. Jyugo escapes from his cell and wanders in. Seitarou goes to bring him back when Hitoshi stops him, asking if he could stay and talk to him.

Hajime is giving his report to the warden, Samon is also present. He is telling them why the inmates have previously escaped prison. The warden ends up talking about the only person who has ever escaped their prison, who also happens to be Jyugo's father. The higher ups have been keeping it quiet to keep their reputation.

Back with Hitoshi, Jyugo reveals the truth about the cuffs on his arms and neck. It was placed on him at one of the prisons he went to and no one could ever find a way to remove them. This is Jyugo's main goal, to find the man with the scar on his neck and to remove the cuffs. He has narrowed his location down to Nanba Prison.

Character Appearances

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