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Shuujin × 4 + Kanshu × 1


Prisoner × 4 + Guard × 1

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October 12, 2013


Volume 1


Episode 1

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Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Rock bother Hajime Sugoroku. Later the main four engage in idle chit-chat.


Jyugo complains to Hajime that he is bored, with Hajime telling him not to call him out to Building 13, Cell 13 just for that. All four of the prisoners then ask things of Hajime: Uno wanting to know if there are any cute visitors, Rock wanting to know when it's time eat, Nico wanting Hajime to reserve a limited edition box set that comes out the next month, and Jyugo telling him that he just remembered that he will be released soon and thus he will be escaping, wanting Hajime to extend his sentence. Hajime shoots them all down and tells Jyugo to give him a break with his constant escapes.

Later Jyugo asks Uno if he thinks that he (Jyugo) will be popular with girls when he gets released. Uno quickly replies with a blunt, "No way!!". Jyugo gets angry at his fast reply and Uno tells him that he has a terrible personality, is likely bad with money, and probably can't get a job. Trying to defend himself, Jyugo says he has more good qualities than bad; "I don't have much body hair and my nipples are pink!"

Uno tells him that little things like that aren't going to have girls lined up for him and tells him to think more realistically. After trying to think of some realistic things girls like Jyugo boldly proclaims that he also likes men. While freaking out, Uno tells him only a small fraction of girls will react to that and not to make up crazy lies.

One day the group is sitting around in their cell reading. Jyugo pops up and asks the others, "Yo, we're prisoners, right?" They begin discussing that in this situation it should be a 'break out story', but mention all the good qualities of the Nanba Prison; good food, big bathroom, air-conditioned, loads of free time, and express that they seem to enjoy their life there as it is pretty comfortable. Jyugo mentions that he may be a skilled escape artist, but even if he were to escape he doesn't have a home. Ultimately, they decide that it's pointless to escape and wonder if that makes them freeloaders, roommates, or brothers.

While on his round, Hajime overhears them and eavesdrops. Initially he thinks they are planning something, only to comment on how carefree they are being once he realizes the nature of the conversation.

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