What No.25 Wants To Do
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25-ban no Yaritai Koto


What No.25 Wants To Do

Release Date

October 19, 2013


Volume 1


Episode 1

Chapter 2 Chapter 4


Uno, Nico, and Rock pester Hajime about various things. After being returned to his cell Jyugo informs the others that he saw a woman and the four went to see her in a panic.


Nico exclaims to Hajime that he wants to play video games. Where Hajime finds out Nico has never played games before. Rock challenges Hajime to a fight; Hajime declines saying "I can't fight with an inmate even if you ask nicely, there's no way." Without hesitation Rock charges at Hajime from behind but is quickly subdued.

After some time passes Jyugo is thrown back into cell 13 after being out for under 8 minutes, he gets teased by the others for being caught so quickly. After telling the other to "shut up" Jyugo says he saw something extraordinary. After capturing the attention of the other three Jyugo states that he saw a woman with to other responding in surprise saying "A WOMAN!?". The four quickly debate if the woman is visiting one of them with Uno assuming she's here to see him.

The inmates of cell 13 escape and run towards the visiting room and busted down the door only to find Hajime talking to the mystery woman. Suprised, Hajime asks "Why are you here...!?" Which the question is quickly discarded when Jyugo says "I thought you didn't have a girlfriend!!". Before Hajime can take the four back to their cell the woman says "Okay, Big brother. Good luck with work.". Jyugo ask why he never told them he had a little sister to which Hajime responded with "That was... My little brother." Which shocks the four.

Character Appearances

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