The Cafeteria Watchdog
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Shokudō no Banken


The Cafeteria Watchdog

Release Date

October 26, 2013


Volume 1

Chapter 3 Chapter 5


Rock and Jyugo eat in the cafiteria and witness a fight. Later, at cell 13 the four inmate discuss Nico's diseases.


Jyugo and Rock are enjoying their meal in the cafeteria when two inmates at the table next to theirs start fighting. Jyugo responds to the situation by saying "What the hell? Rookies?" to which Rock responds with "They don't seem to know the cafeteria rules yet." Rock then calls over to the two fighting inmates saying "Hey, Guys. I wouldn't fight in here if i were you." to which one responds with "What [do you] mean by that..." When suddenly Shiro takes the two disruptive inmates into a choke hold. Rock then compliments Shiro on the food and Shiro leaves. A moment later Shiro drops a huge cake on the table for Rock and Jyugo to enjoy.

Later, back at cell 13 Nico begins coughing and Rock asks "Are you sick or something, Nico?" To which he reply's with "Nah, just choked on saliva. I'm fine now." Jyugo then tells Nico to "Take it easy" and states "You have so many chronic diseases, and i don't wanna catch 'em." Nico then assures Jyugo that his diseases are harmless. "Harmless disease?" Uno questions. "What kind of chronic diseases do you have anyways, Nico?" asked Jyugo to which he admits that he doesn't know all of his diseases, as he pats Jyugo on the shoulder. This causes Jyugo to catch a disease that causes extreme hair growth. Everybody except Nico began screaming in terror. Nico reveals this disease is called "Abnormal hair growth". Uno begins teasing Jyugo saying he looks hilarious. This aggravates Jyugo who grabs Uno by the collar of his shirt which then passes the disease to Uno. The whole cell begins fighting, moments later Hajime opens the door demanding to know what the commotion is about. Once he lays eyes on Jyugo, Uno, and Rock completely engulfed in hair he calls security saying there are unidentified creature and he need backup to aid him in capturing them.

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