A Deputy Appears!
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Fuku Kanshu Genru!!


A Deputy Appears!!

Release Date

November 3, 2013


Volume 1

Chapter 4 Chapter 6


Yamato is filling for Hajime as Supervisor of building 13 as for he is sick.


Rock and Jyugo have their hands locked together pushing each other back to see who will be the victor of their fight, as Nico and Uno spectate and cheer them on.

Before the two can finish their battle, Yamato Godai interrupts the fight saying "Stop, Gentlemen!!! [] There's absolutely no brawling allowed in this penitentiary!!!" to which the main four respond with "W... Who're you?"

Yamato introduces himself and informs them that he is the acting supervisor because Hajime is sick. To which Jyugo responds with "No wonder it's quiet today." After realizing he has gotten to topic, Yamato tells the inmates to stop fighting. To which the four inmates respond saying "We weren't fighting. We were just testing our strength."

Getting off topic again Yamato realizes the four inmate are the "infamous trouble makers" surprised at how Yamato didn't know that they insult him. "You just made my job a lot easier!!" Yamato exclaimed and that "[He] would be happy to beat some sense into your gentlemen in the supervisor's absence!" as he drags Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Rock off to go train.

After a short timeskip Hajime is back in action with Seitarou explaining how cell 13 has been misbehaving more in his absence. Hajime explains to Seitarou how he can reduce the motivation of the four troublesome inmates. Uno likes surveys to do with women. Rock likes anything food related. Nico will not move an inch if he's watching anime. As for Jyugo there is nothing to stop him, however if the others are preoccupied Jyugo loses motivation to escape by 40%.

Character Appearances

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