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Chapter 82


Episode 18 (Cameo)
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Kouji Takeda

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Chris Guerrero

Hachiman (八萬 Hachiman) is an inmate of Building 5 at Nanba Prison. He keeps his face concealed behind a pig mask.


Hachiman is a very tall and large man. He towers above all the inmates in height alone.

He wears the skin of a pig as a mask; stitched down the center of the face. Extra skin hangs off the skin-mask, draping over his shoulders in a tattered fashion.

His eyes are not easily visible while wearing it. Upon close-up his eyes are a medium-grey, with no real special quality to them.

Hachiman wears a yellow jump suit, held together with three red crisscrosses over his stomach; like a shoe's laces. Image Gallery


Hachiman is brutal and merciless, and thinks that those with power such as himself, deserves to be in charge.

Upa had also mentioned that Hachiman has never once kept his promises.


Hachiman used to be the leader of a Mafia gang in China and was known to be a cruel leader.

Hachiman met Liang when he brutally beat up Liang's teacher for refusing to work under him. He then noticed Liang, saying that Liang was far better than Liang's teacher. He asked Liang to join him and he refused. Hachiman then decided to teach Liang about humans, and Liang yelled that he wishes to learn nothing from scum like Hachiman. Hachiman then gave Liang's teacher a choice, either he gives up Liang, or he loses his life, the lives of the other students and his temple. Liang then yelled at Hachiman for making such a deal, only to be shocked when his teacher decided to give him up.

Hachiman was also the one who kidnapped Upa. He told Upa's family that he had died while Hachiman sold his organs, due to him being a rare strong user of Qigong.

He was also the one who recruited Qi in exchange for clearing Qi's debts, as he desired his skill as a herbalist. However, he then ordered Qi to create poison, whom the latter refused. Hachiman later revealed that he added chemicals to Qi's medicine, creating a deadly poison which killed many. He also praised Qi for noticing the moment the latter looked at it. He then threatened him to create the poison or he'll end up like Liang, who he had beaten up brutally for sparing the people he was supposed to kill. He then broke Liang's arm and stomped on him while Qi watched in horror. He was going to execute Liang, but was unable to as Qi betrayed him to rescue both Liang and Upa.


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  • His name "Hachi" means "Eight" and "Man" meaning "Ten Thousand".
  • His name Hachiman is based of of the synthetic divinity of archery and war mentioned in Shinto and Buddhism. Referencing his brutal and power hungry nature.
  • Along with Enki Gokuu, Ruka Gojou, and Houzuki Sanzou, Hachiman constitutes the fourth character representative of the main party in the popular fable Journey to the West; with Hachiman being Zhu Bajie, the pig.


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