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Inori Hakkai



Biographical Information



Hakkai Inori

Basic Information







220cm (7'2")


120kg (264lbs)

Blood Type


Hair Color

Sandy Blonde

Eye Color

Golden Yellow



Prison Information

Deputy Supervisor




Episode 4

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Mitsutaka Itakura

English Voice

Randy E. Aguebor

Inori Hakkai八戒猪里」 is a supporting character of the anime and web manga series. He is a guard in charge of supervising Building 5 of Nanba Prison.


Inori's appearance is meant to resemble that of a boar. He is tall and muscular, with a light-tan skin-tone. His hair is a sandy-blonde colour; styled by displaying long thick sideburns and short, feathered tufts on the sides.

His eye colour is a gold-yellow, along with bright-yellow eye make up.

Inori has two large tusks that protrude from his lower jaw to further his resemblance to a boar; as well as two small tusk-like grey earrings in each ear. A scruffy beard lines his strong, squared chin.

As all the guards do, Inori wears the Nanba prison guard uniform with some alterations: He leaves his coat and shirt unbuttoned to exscopes his strong chest, a gold square-like 'M' sits on the front of his uniform cap, a yellow cloth is drapped from shoulder to shoulder and held together by a silver ring. The same cloth and ring accessory can be seen at the top of each boot.

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Inori is rather lazy. He is quick to find a way to avoid doing work. He also seems to have a slight perverted side as he seems to like reading adult novels as he slacks off.[1]

Inori is also very deceptive, secretly siding with Samon's older brother, Enki.

Before and after the reveal of Inori's traitorous side, he maintains a macho-man type attitude and likes to boast about his strength.


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  • He enjoys playing Mahjong. According to Samon, he gets distracted from his work because of it.[2]
  • The kanji in Inori's name "I" means "wild boar" "nori" means "village or hick-ish". the two kanji in his surname "Hakkai" means "eight commandments"
  • The “eight commandments” mentioned above references Zhu Bajie from The Journey to the West; whom shares the same personality traits as Inori. 
  • He likes gambling,fighting and spicy things.
  • He dislikes meetings, studying, tomatoes and getting out of bed early.
  • His hobbies include Mahjong, watching Horse races, entering the lottery, and pachinko.
  • His favorite colors are gamboge and chartreuse.


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