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Skills & Abilities

Despite Jyugo being pretty much incapable of doing anything but breaking out of prison, he does exhibit quite a few skills and special abilities.

Problem Solving

He is extremely intelligent at problem solving, more so than Uno. He was able to solve a number of difficult puzzles in a manner of seconds.

Lock Picking

Being a skilled escape artist, Jyugo is naturally skilled in unlocking any kind of lock, including electronic locks. The sole exception are the shackles on his hands, feet, and neck, which were placed on him mysteriously when he was asleep.


The shackles that the Man with the Scar placed on Jyugo allow him the ability to transform his arms into sword-like appendages that can cut through steel.[1] Upon activation, both of his eyes seem to turn red. Jyugo considers himself broken because of this ability.[1]


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