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Hot Pink (w/ electric blue highlights)

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Okina Otogi ("Father")
Kazari Otogi ("Mother")

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Episode 10

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You Taichi

English Voice

Rochelle Grimsmo

KAGU-8神八」 is an android nurse at Nanba Prison. She was created by Okina Otogi and Kazari Otogi as their "daughter".


KAGU-8 has long, hot pink hair with electric blue highlights. She has pale skin with mechanical linings on her forearm and from her eyes to her chin. She has yellow eyes and short eyebrows and wears a skimpy nurse dress with a white leotard, green striped arm warmers, white gloves and green boots with white kneecaps and a hat on top all decorated with a heart on it.

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As an android she shows no personality and doesn't even react about how Uno, Rock, Nico, Trois and Honey flirt over her and asking about perverted topics. Because of this, she doesn't speak often. When she does, she often questions things that are related to emotions, like when Nico remembered how shady people were interested in his illnesses, and when Okina and Kazari are fighting over frying eggs where she asked what a divorce is. She is very loyal and obedient to Okina and often gives out the flavor medications for Nico.


She was created by Okina Otogi and Kazari Otogi and considers them her "parents". She helps assist Okina with giving medicine to Nico and help keep and eye on him.


She first appeared when she gave Nico his medicine in the flavor of a coin-dispenser candy.

Later she asked Nico if he's was in pain while in bed. As she watched her "parents" fight over an egg and plan a divorce later on, Uno signaled her to stop them from fighting by questioning them about what a divorce is.


  • Kagu 8's name is a reference to Kaguya-hime from The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. Like Kaguya-hime she is the adopted daughter of Okina and had many suitors wooed by her beauty.
  • "Kagu" in her kanji means "god", "deity", or "spirit" and the kanji in her name means "eight"


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