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Kenshirou Yozakura



Biographical Information

四桜 犬士郎


Yozakura Kenshirou

Basic Information







183cm (6'0")

Blood Type


Hair Color

White and Pink

Eye Color

Cherry Blossom Pink



Prison Information





Chapter 15


Episode 2

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Shouma Yamamoto

English Voice

Vic Mignogna

Kenshirou Yozakura四桜 犬士郎」 is a supporting character of the anime and web manga series. He is a guard in charge of supervising Building 4 of Nanba Prison.


Kenshirou has a tanned complexion and wears a black eyepatch over his left eye; his visible eye is deep pink in color. His appearance is meant to resemble that of a Shiba Inu. His white hair is feathered out to the sides, with two shaggy pieces curling inwards around his face and a ponytail which is curled at the end, resembling the tail of a Shiba Inu. His ponytail is tied with a deep pink hairband and has a pink gradient. A tooth resembling a fang is visible from the left side of his mouth, enhancing the "dog" motif.

Kenshirou wears the standard guard uniform with slight modifications; his belt is accessorized with golden spikes, matching his red, spiked boots, and the collar of his shirt is adorned with cherry blossom petals-shaped gold pieces, as is his guard hat. His most notable feature, however, is his light pink haori, which is decorated with darker pink cherry blossoms.

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He has a cool and collected personality but confident as well. He can be rather cold at times as he has complimented Kiji Mitsuba's abilities, but also calls him a "rotten guard".

He seems to have a one-sided rivalry with Hajime Sugoroku due to the fact that Warden Hyakushiki has a crush on Hajime. Kenshirou has feelings towards her and hopes to gain her acknowledgement by defeating him. Kenshirou also gets jealous of him due to the amount of affection the warden has for him. He also gets upset at the fact that Samon Gokuu often gets stroked on the head by the warden because Samon was shorter than her, mumbling about why did he grow taller than the warden when he was with Musashi.

He also gets fascinated by a small doll of the warden, finding it extremely beautiful, but gets conflicted when Mitsuru Hitokoe says it costs ¥10,000.


Before Kenshirou became a guard at Nanba, he worked with the police force in Japan, but left after many of the reports he filed relating to Musashi and Jyugo's cases were rejected. He later became a correctional officer and worked his way up to become Supervisor of Building 4 at Nanba Prison.


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  • His favorite color is white.
  • He likes nikujaga and working.
  • He dislikes eggs sunny side up, acts of transgression, and failure.
  • His hobbies are taking care of animals and going on walks.
  • Kenshirou, along with Kiji Mitsuba, Samon Gokuu and Momoko Hyakushiki, is an allusion to the Japanese folklore Momotarō; Kenshirou represents one of Momotarō's companions, the dog.
  • Kenshiro's name can be read a few different ways. Reading the kanji altogether and aloud, 犬士郎 (inu shiro) means 'white dog'. Reading the kanji individually: 犬 'Inu' (Dog) 'Shi' (Samura/Officer) 'Rou' (Rookie).
  • The "Yo" in Yozakura means "four", hinting his status as the supervisor of Building 4. Also, depending on how the reader chooses to read "四" ('shi' and/or 'yon', meaning 'four'.) can change the meaning of his surname. When read aloud as 'Shi Sakura' it means 'Four cherry blossoms'; reading it as 'Yon Zakura' the 'n' is dropped to make 'Yo'. Yo Zakura, (written as 夜桜) means "Evening Cherry Blossoms"; an event held during the night, after Hanami.


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