A fellow inmate that is in the same cell as Liang. They often bicker about who will be next to spar with Samon. It was later revealed that both Upa and Liang used to be under Hachiman. Liang and Upa has also been together for a rather long time.


A fellow inmate that is in the same cell as Liang. Liang often calls Qi trash as Qi will pretend to be sick to avoid training.


A fellow inmate, Liang seems to be on good terms with Rock. Rock often comes to Building 5 to train, thus trains with Rock. Liang first appeared to have a grudge against Rock for defeating him previously, Liang eventually drop the grudge he had against Rock.


Samon Gokuu

Liang sees Samon as a mentor and often learns martial arts from him. Liang also asks Samon to spar with him and admires him greatly. Liang felt despair when Samon was defeated by Enki and how he was unable to help him.

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