List of all episodes from the Nanbaka anime series.

Season 1

Air Date
Preview Image
1 Idiots With Numbers!
"Nanba no Tsuita Baka-tachi!"
October 5, 2016 Episode1
2 The Inmates Are Stupid! The Guards Are Kind of Stupid, Too!
"Shuujin mo Baka! Kanshu mo Chotto Baka!"
(囚人もバカ! 看守もちょっとバカ!)
October 12, 2016 Episode2
3 Another Idiot Has Come!!
"Mata Baka ga Fueta!!"
October 19, 2016 Episode3
4 Happy New Year! The New Year's Tournament Is Where We Get Serious!
"Akemashite! Koko kara Honki no Shin'nen Taikai!!"
(あけまして! ここから本気の新年大会!!)
October 26, 2016 Episode4
5 A Fraud and a Hero
"Ika-sama to Hīrō"
November 2, 2016 Episode5
6 The Booster Episode
November 9, 2016 Episode6
7 It's a Surprisingly Sad Story
"Igaito Setsunai Hanashi de Gozaru"
November 16, 2016 Episode7
8 A Monster and a Gorilla
"Bakemono to Gorira"
November 23, 2016 Episode8
9 You're Empty!!
"Omae wa Karappo!!"
November 30, 2016 Episode9
10 A Melancholy Day for the Dog, Monkey, and Pheasant
"Inu Saru Kiji no Yūutsuna Tsuitachi"
December 7, 2016 Episode10
11 We Got Our Rewards
"Go Hōbi Morai Mashita"
December 14, 2016 Episode11
12 The Room, the Billiards, the Darts, and Me
"Heya to Biriyādo to Dātsu to Watashi"
December 21, 2016 Episode12
13 Real Idiot
"Maji Baka"
December 28, 2016 Episode13

Season 2

Air Date
Preview Image
1 Nanbaka Is a Comedy Anime.
"Nanbaka wa Gyagu Anime de Aru"
January 4, 2017 Episode14
2 Super Hitoshi-kun
"Sūpā Hitoshi-kun"
January 11, 2017 Episode15
3 The Traitorous Building 5
"Uragiri no 5-sha"
January 18, 2017 Episode16
4 Something Is Breaking
"Kowarete Iku Nanika"
January 25, 2017 Episode17
5 You Are Weak
"Omae wa Yowai"
February 1, 2017 Episode18
6 One's Own Freedom
"Sorezore no Jjiyū"
February 8, 2017 Episode19
7 A Fool
February 15, 2017 Episode20
8 Awakening Poison
"Kakusei Suru Doku"
February 22, 2017 Episode21
9 Washed Away...
"Naga Sarete..."
March 1, 2017 Episode22
10 Sound and Words
"Oto to Kotoba"
March 8, 2017 Episode23
11 Move Forward!
"Mae ni Susume!"
March 15, 2017 Episode24
12 Sarabaka
March 22, 2017 Episode25

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