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Basic RulesBreak OutChapter 10: The Warden Appears!!
Chapter 11: Reason for Incarceration Revealed (Part 1)Chapter 12.5: Escape B4 (Part 1)Chapter 12: Reason for Incarceration Revealed (Part 2)
Chapter 13: Building 13, Cell 13 is Busy As UsualChapter 14: Sensing a Huge Storm Coming So Early in the New Year!Chapter 15: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 1)
Chapter 16: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 2)Chapter 17: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 3)Chapter 18: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 4)
Chapter 19: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 5)Chapter 1: Prisoner × 4 + Guard × 1Chapter 20.5: Escape B4 (Part 2)
Chapter 20: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 6)Chapter 21: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 7)Chapter 22: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 8)
Chapter 23: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Part 9)Chapter 24: Turbulence!! The New Year's Tournament (Final)Chapter 25.5: Escape B4 (Part 3)
Chapter 25: If You Want to Talk to Him, Go to the Smoking RoomChapter 2: The Best PrisonChapter 3: What No.25 Wants To Do
Chapter 4: The Cafeteria WatchdogChapter 5: A Deputy Appears!!Chapter 6: Enter Tsukumo
Chapter 7: Always Greet Your BossChapter 8: How to Enjoy LunchChapter 9: We Can Work Too
Character SongsCharactersDaisen Kokoriki
Daisen Kokoriki/GalleryDaisen Kokoriki/QuotesDaisen Kokoriki/Relationships
Daisen RokurikiDaisen Rokuriki/GalleryDaisen Rokuriki/Quotes
Daisen Rokuriki/RelationshipsDaisen Rokuriki/Skills & AbilitiesDaisen Youriki
Daisen Youriki/GalleryDaisen Youriki/QuotesDaisen Youriki/Relationships
Enki GokuuEnki Gokuu/GalleryEnki Gokuu/Quotes
Enki Gokuu/RelationshipsEpisode 10: A Melancholy Day for the Dog, Monkey, and PheasantEpisode 11: We Got Our Rewards
Episode 12: The Room, the Billiards, the Darts, and MeEpisode 13: Real IdiotEpisode 14: Nanbaka Is a Comedy Anime.
Episode 15: Super Hitoshi-kunEpisode 16: The Traitorous Building 5Episode 17: Something Is Breaking
Episode 18: You Are WeakEpisode 19: One's Own FreedomEpisode 1: Idiots With Numbers!
Episode 20: A FoolEpisode 21: Awakening PoisonEpisode 22: Washed Away...
Episode 23: Sound and WordsEpisode 24: Move Forward!Episode 25: Sarabaka
Episode 2: The Inmates Are Stupid! The Guards Are Kind of Stupid, Too!Episode 3: Another Idiot Has Come!!Episode 4: Happy New Year! The New Year's Tournament Is Where We Get Serious!
Episode 5: A Fraud and a HeroEpisode 6: The Booster EpisodeEpisode 7: It's a Surprisingly Sad Story
Episode 8: A Monster and a GorillaEpisode 9: You're Empty!!Fuji-san
Fuji-san/GalleryFuji-san/QuotesGenrou Byakuya
Genrou Byakuya/QuotesHachimanHachiman/Gallery
Hachiman/QuotesHachiman/RelationshipsHajime Sugoroku
Hajime Sugoroku/GalleryHajime Sugoroku/QuotesHajime Sugoroku/Relationships
Hajime Sugoroku/Skills & AbilitiesHakuHanzou Hattori
Hanzou Hattori/GalleryHanzou Hattori/QuotesHihi Gokuu
Hihi Gokuu/QuotesHitoshi SugorokuHitoshi Sugoroku/Gallery
Hitoshi Sugoroku/QuotesHitoshi Sugoroku/RelationshipsHoney
Honey/GalleryHoney/QuotesHouzuki Sanzou
Houzuki Sanzou/GalleryHouzuki Sanzou/QuotesHyakkaryouran Dai Enbu
Image PolicyInmate 610Inori Hakkai
Inori Hakkai/GalleryInori Hakkai/QuotesJyugo
Jyugo/Skills & AbilitiesKAGU-8KAGU-8/Gallery
KAGU-8/QuotesKamereomanKangoku Yori Ai wo Komete!!!
Kazari OtogiKazari Otogi/GalleryKazari Otogi/Quotes
Kenshirou YozakuraKenshirou Yozakura/GalleryKenshirou Yozakura/Quotes
Kiji MitsubaKiji Mitsuba/GalleryKiji Mitsuba/Quotes
Koyoi mo Kujaku no Hana wa Odori SakuKusatsuKusatsu/Quotes
Liang/Skills & AbilitiesList of ChaptersList of Episodes
Man with the ScarMan with the Scar/QuotesManual of Style
Manual of Style:BasicManual of Style:ChaptersManual of Style:Characters
Manual of Style:EpisodesManual of Style:MusicManual of Style:Settings
Mao NimaijitaMao Nimaijita/GalleryMao Nimaijita/Quotes
Mitsuru HitokoeMitsuru Hitokoe/GalleryMitsuru Hitokoe/Quotes
Mitsuru Hitokoe/RelationshipsMitsuru Hitokoe/Skills & AbilitiesMomoko Hyakushiki
Momoko Hyakushiki/GalleryMomoko Hyakushiki/QuotesMomoko Hyakushiki/Relationships
Momoko Hyakushiki/Skills & AbilitiesMomoshi no OndoMusashi
Nanba PrisonNanbaka Character Song CD1Nanbaka Character Song CD2
Nanbaka Character Song CD3Nanbaka Datsugoku Riron♪!Nanbaka Datsugoku Riron♪! (Single)
Nanbaka Kanshu Riron!!Nanbaka Kanshu SONGSNanbaka Original Soundtrack 1
Nanbaka Original Soundtrack 2Nanbaka Original Soundtrack 3Nanbaka Shuujin SONGS
Nanbaka SpecialNanbaka WikiaNico
Nico/Skills & AbilitiesNijimasu NanairoNijimasu Nanairo/Gallery
Nijimasu Nanairo/QuotesNippon Danji no KokorozashiNoriko Sanzou
Noriko Sanzou/GalleryNoriko Sanzou/QuotesNoriko Sanzou/Relationships
Noriko Sanzou/Skills & AbilitiesOkina OtogiOkina Otogi/Gallery
Okina Otogi/QuotesOre-sama Lovey Lovey GrooveOriginal Soundtracks
Qi/RelationshipsQi/Skills & AbilitiesReasons for Banning
Request for AdminshipRin! Rin! Hi! Hi!Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi! (Single)
Rock/RelationshipsRock/Skills & AbilitiesRokuriki Daisen/Gallery
Ruka GojouRuka Gojou/GalleryRuka Gojou/Quotes
Ruka Gojou/RelationshipsRuka Gojou/Skills & AbilitiesRules & Guidelines
Samon GokuuSamon Gokuu/GallerySamon Gokuu/Quotes
Samon Gokuu/RelationshipsSamon Gokuu/Skills & AbilitiesSeitarou Tanabata
Seitarou Tanabata/GallerySeitarou Tanabata/QuotesSeitarou Tanabata/Relationships
Seitarou Tanabata/Skills & AbilitiesShiroShiro/Gallery
The Scarred Guard/GalleryTomato IchijouTomato Ichijou/Gallery
Tomato Ichijou/QuotesTroisTrois/Gallery
Trois/QuotesTrois/Skills & AbilitiesTsukumo
Tsukumo/Skills & AbilitiesUnoUno/Gallery
Uno/QuotesUno/RelationshipsUno/Skills & Abilities
Upa/RelationshipsUpa/Skills & AbilitiesVolume 1
Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4
VolumesWeb MangaWildlife
Yamato GodaiYamato Godai/GalleryYamato Godai/Quotes

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