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This follows and explains the guidelines for the music page.

Opening & Ending(s)

This section is to list the opening and ending singles of the anime.

Original Soundtracks

This section is to list the original soundtracks of the anime.

Character Songs

This section is to list the character songs of the anime. Since there are two types, CDs and albums, these are to be split up under this category, listing the CDs in one sub-category and the albums in another.


Opening and Ending themes are most likely this type of CD and thus belong to this category type.

Start off the article by stating the single's name, artist(s), and listing the song(s) that the single contains that pertain to the anime.


Fill out the tracklist of the single with the following code:


{| class="article-table" border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 500px;"
! scope="col" |<center>No.</center>
! scope="col" |<center>Track Name</center>
! scope="col" |<center>Length</center>
|<small>[[Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi!]]</small>
|<small>Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi! (Instrumental)</small>
|<small>Kamereomann (Instrumental)</small>

Original Soundtracks

Original Soundtracks are CDs that contain the BGM used in the anime.

Start off the article by stating the soundtracks's name and composer(s).


Follow the same information provided under 'Singles' tracklist above.

Character Songs

Character song CDs or albums containing songs song by the voice-actors as their characters.

Start off the article by stating the CD/Album's name and artist(s).


Follow the same information provided under 'Singles' tracklist above.


For the individual songs contained in any form of media.

Start off the article by stating the songs's romanization name, artist(s), track number, and it's media source.


Provide the kanji, rōmaji, and english lyrics. For the English lyrics, you may provide them yourself. Do NOT re-post translated lyrics found on blogs or other websites, unless you are directly given permission by the translator. Refusing to acquire permission could result in a ban.

In regards to opening and ending songs, under the "Lyrics" header provide under sub-headers "Full Ver." and "TV Size" lyrics. You may also post a video of the opening/ending sequence of the anime and provide a list of characters in the order that they appear.


{| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 100%"
! scope="col"|<center>Kanji</center>
! scope="col"|<center>Rōmaji</center>
! scope="col"|<center>English</center>
|<small>いつもの場所にほら<br />いつメン集まれば<br />始まるまた今夜<br />無計画な祭り</small>
|<small>Itsumo no basho ni hora<br />Itsumen atsumareba<br />Hajimaru mata konya<br />Mukeikaku na matsuri</small>
|<small>If that group of friends<br />Meet at the same place,<br />It'll happen again tonight;<br />An unplanned festival</small>
|<small>リズムが鳴り出せば<br />平常心うばわれてく<br />笑い声甲高く<br />頭の中回る</small>
|<small>Rizumu ga naridaseba<br />Heijoushin ubawareteku<br />Waraigoe kandakaku<br />Atama no naka mawaru</small>
|<small>If the rhythm starts beating,<br />My presence of mind is snatched away<br />A shrill laugh<br />Is echoing in my head</small>
|<small>Uh− あいつの好みはなんだって<br />Uh− さっきもその件話したろ<br />Uh− 自分ら以外はモノクロで<br />明日のこととかさて置いといて<br />Rin! Rin! Rin! Rin!<br />てっぺん越えて </small>
|<small>Uh− Aitsu no konomi wa nan datte<br />Uh− Sakki mo sono ken hanashitaro<br />Uh− Jibunra igai wa monokuro de<br />Ashita no koto toka sate oitoite<br />Rin! Rin! Rin! Rin!<br />Teppen koete</small>
|<small>Uh- What was that person's likes?<br />Uh- We already talked about that!<br />Uh− Everything except us is monochrome,<br />So set tomorrow among other things aside for now<br />Rin! Rin! Rin! Rin!<br />Take it to the top!</small>
|<small>Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!<br />ハイテンション<br />パーティーの合図<br />ナイ! ナイ! ナイ! ナイ! ナイ!<br />帰る気ナイ!<br />終わりもナイ!</small>
|<small>Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!<br />Hai tenshon<br />Paatii no aizu<br />Nai! nai! nai! nai! nai!<br />Kaeru ki nai!<br />Owari mo nai!</small>
|<small>Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!<br />High tension!<br />A signal to party!<br />No! No! No! No! No!<br />No motivation to return home!<br />It's not over!</small>
|<small>Whoa 夜をかける<br />Whoa 俺らの声<br />Whoa 今しか無いぜ<br />Only only only only only night</small>
|<small>Whoa Yoru wo kakeru<br />Whoa Orera no koe<br />Whoa Ima shika nai ze<br />Only only only only only night</small>
|<small>Whoa It becomes night!<br />Whoa Our voices!<br />Whoa There is only now!<br />Only only only only night</small>

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