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Momoko Hyakushiki



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Hyakushiki Momoko

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181cm (5'11")

Hair Color

Dark Blue

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Chapter 9 (Cameo)
Chapter 10 (Debut)


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Satomi Akesaka

English Voice

Marissa Lenti

Momoko Hyakushiki 「百式百子」 is a supporting character of the anime and web manga series and is the Warden of Nanba Prison.


She has a voluptuous figure with red eyes, long eyelashes and has long spiky blue hair which reaches down to her mid-thighs, with two prominent strands of the back of her hair protruding like horns. She wears a burgundy suit with her nameplate on her left breast, with her arm band spelling out "Warden", and a red tie. At the top of her tie is a gold medallion with the kanji for 100 (百 Hyaku)on it as well as two gold bars on her collar. On each of her shoulders are two gold spikes. She wears white gloves with gold-lined red hearts. She also wears a black belt around her waist with a half demon like face in gold with spikes and wears knee high black boots that are adorned with 6 silver stripes each with hearts surrounded by gold which slowly increases in size as they go up, with the last hearts on top of the boots having gold spikes sticking out of them. Both boots have gold decoration at the top and bottom. She generally wears her warden hat with a gold adornment with two spikes sticking upwards.

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She is a stern, serious and somewhat sadistic woman with an intimidating aura and a frightening glare. She takes her job as warden seriously. However, she shows a soft spot for Hajime Sugoroku and has a huge crush on him, describing him as handsome. Unfortunately for her, he believes she hates him and he fears her due to the fact she constantly stares at him and to him it looks like she is glaring at him. Her crush on him still comes after her duty as Warden, however, as she issued him a suspension for unnecessary roughness in bringing down Jyugo during his fit of rage, though she was severely depressed for doing so and even cried, asking Hajime for forgiveness when she was alone in her room.[1]She is also shown to be kind towards the other guards as she has shown kindness towards most of them and compliments them on a job well done she even gave them all chocolates on Valentine's Day.


It is uncertain how she came to work at Nanba Prison, but she seems to have been there for a long time.


Hyakushiki summons Hajime to make sure that there have been no problems regarding the inmates of Cell 13. He gives her an explanation, while secretly growing increasingly nervous because of her intense staring. After leaving, he is visibly relieved. Meanwhile, Hyakushiki begins internally celebrating because she got to talk to Hajime.

She later summons Hajime to give a more precise description of why the inmates aren't escaping, with only Monkey watching. Their hands make contact upon Hajime handing her files, causing her to blush. The moment is shattered when Monkey attacks Hajime, claiming that he threw the papers at the warden. While silently cursing the interruption, Hyakushiki listens to Hajime's explanations, growing increasingly surprised. Upon leaving, Monkey warns Hajime that she was glaring daggers at him the entire time, while she rejoices because Hajime said her last name.

During the New Year's cleaning, Hajime and Monkey are assigned to clean her office. Once again, Hajime is silently terrified because of how sternly Hyakushiki is regarding him. Meanwhile, she fantasizes about him and grows increasingly excited as he cleans her desk.

At the New Year's competition, she scares Hajime into competing by staring at him soulfully while he tells another guard that he won't be playing in that round. Thinking that Hyakushiki is furious with him for not participating, Hajime takes part in the event. During the entire competition, Hyakushiki fantasizes about dancing with Hajime while speaking English and French.


  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She likes soy sauce glazed dango and Hajime.
  • Her dislikes are foie gras, and weakness.
  • Her hobbies include exercise, plant appreciation, and collecting brooches.
  • Momoko, along with Kiji Mitsuba, Kenshirou Yozakura, and Samon Gokuu, is an allusion to the Japanese folklore Momotarou, Momoko representing Momotarou.
  • Momoko means "Peach Child". 桃 (Momo) meaning "Peach" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "Child". Hyakushiki means (Hyaku) "Hundred" and (Shiki) "Command".


  1. Nanbaka Web Manga, Chapter 25

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