Hajime Sugoroku

Momoko has a crush on Hajime and often gets shy and embarrassed when she is about to meet him to discuss some matter or talking to him. She even has a doll that looks like Hajime to bring with her when she goes away for a meeting with the police department. However, whenever she gazes at Hajime, Hajime thinks that she is glaring at him.

Kenshirou Yozakura

Kenshirou has deep feelings for Momoko. However, Momoko is unaware of his affections for her and only sees Kenshirou as a competent supervising officer.

Samon Gokuu

She sees Samon as a competent supervising officer and tends to pat him on the head due to him being shorter than her.

Nanba Staff

Mitsuru Hitokoe

Despite Momoko's crush on Hajime and Kenshirou's crush and utter devotion to Momoko, it's Mitsuru that seems to be the person closest to Momoko. He is the only person in Nanba Prison who is informal and casual with Momoko at all times. While most other members of Nanba's staff, supervising officers included, fear Momoko, Mitsuru knows he can relax around her. This is because he can see right through her tough exterior and always knows what she is thinking or feeling. He knows all about Momoko's crush on Hajime as well and he likes to tease her over it, which annoys Momoko to no end. But he is also quick to offer her advice and more often than not, she takes it. All of this implies that Misturu knows Momoko better than anyone else in Namba Prison and is possibly someone she confides in.