(To Jyugo) "what happened to your fierceness that fierceness you had when you destroyed my eyes?"
— Volume 3,Chapter 22(Musashi provoking Jyugo)

(Thinking) "why do you wanna find that man. and why do you wanna unlock that shackle? once they see this everyone will believe.. he is…definitely…a monster"
— Volume 3,Chapter 22(Musashi monologue about Jyugo's transformation)
(To Jyugo) "I won’t make the same mistake again. I won’t lose anything else.
— Volume 3,Chapter 23
(To Jyugo) "Hahahahaha of course. Those shackles are something I just need along the way. I need those “Shackles” so I can get closer to him. My objective is to find that man and kill him with my own hands."
— Volume 4,Chapter 29/Episode 9 (Musashi telling Jyugo is objective to for getting the shackles)
(To Jyugo) “Why you had those shackles placed on you and saw yourself assume that form, what did you think? Didn’t you think you were a “Monster”? thats why you hate him…and want to find him.
And your not the only one who thinks that.
I…I,too thought I was a “monster” Do you know how much I suffered because of this human body combustion I was born with? How do you feel about having a life where you’re constantly called abnormal? I was constantly suffering and distressed and then that man with the scar showed up. and then he used my human body combustion and turned me from a freak to a real monster.”

— Volume 4,Chapter 33/Episode 9 (Musashi tells Jyugo his past.)
(To Jyugo) "But there is a possibility I’m willing to put my life on the line even the slightest possibility. They can’t be forgiven. I will kill them. if I can kill them, I’ll happily walk to gallows myself."
—Volume 4,Chapter 33/Episode 9
(Thinking) "I lost my power so I should be upset. but how strange my rage against desire to kill them is still there. but I kinda feel more at ease."
—Volume 4,Chapter 34/Episode 13