Skills & Abilities



While not necessarily an ability, his constitution is so eccentric that he often catches strange allergies and illnesses. Some of these illnesses are contagious to those who touch him. He once caught a disease that caused those to touch him to grow excessive hair and those who touched him could spread it to others by touching them. In addition, drugs have no effect on him. The illnesses themselves do not harm him physically.

  • Mimicking
  • Treated as an illness, Nico is capable of mimicking others abilities as though the abilities themselves infect him, such as copying Liang's martial arts techniques and Upa's Qigong.


While not fully explored, it was shown in the past when he was taken to hospitals to treat his allergies and illnesses, he was so scared of the needles and medicine he often broke out of several hospitals and prisons, seeming to possess inhuman strength, breaking through several walls and causing irreparable damage.