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Chapter 18


Episode 3 (Cameo)
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Genki Okawa

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Gabe Kunda

Qi (チィー Chī) is an inmate in Nanba Prison for his skill to create both medicine and poison.


Qi has light greenish/gray hair tied in the back with a few strands sticking out in front. He also wears dark circle glasses.


Qi is rather lazy, often coming up with excuses to avoid training. Due to this, he is called trash by Liang, Upa and Rock.

Qi also has a fascination with plants, which showed when he desperately wanted to care for Upa's cactus whom the latter had received from his family.

It is shown in the Manga, that Qi has a perverted side too. He cooperates with Inori to hide their porn magazines in his cell, but soon asked Rock to hide them because all his hiding spots were found out. He said when it comes to women that he is a butt type.

Qi also is rather cowardly as he admits that he creates drugs for others to use, and if someone dies, it will not affect him. Qi also seemed to be unwilling to create medicine when Hachiman ordered for it, showing that he refuses to kill someone with the drugs he creates.

Qi is also seen to be cunning as he pretended to join hands with Hachiman and Enki to find a way to free Upa and Liang.

Qi can also be extremely scary as he uses a deadly medicine that causes Hachiman to be paralyzed and even strangle himself. Hachiman begged for mercy with Qi replying to him whether or not did Hachiman spare anyone when they begged him to.


Qi was an herbalist, often borrowing money from people before running away. Hachiman then noticed his skill in making medicine and wanted Qi to work for him in exchange for clearing Qi's debts.

After he begins to work under Hachiman, he met Upa and Liang. He met Liang several times as Liang would request for sleeping drugs to hide away the people he was supposed to kill. Liang initially denied sparing them however, Qi mentioned that he was able to tell if anyone has killed someone before, saying that Liang smelled of blood, not death. Qi then warned Liang that if this goes on, Hachiman will find out, however, Liang ignored his warning and left. Qi then goes to Upa to treat his body as Upa often over-works and places a lot of stress on his body. Qi then chided Upa for pushing himself while Upa ignored his comments. Qi then learned of Liang's past from Upa, commenting that Liang's teacher was weak-willed, giving up Liang so easily.

At an unknown point of time, Qi found out that Hachiman was selling Upa's organs away to make money, due to Upa being a rare strong user of Qigong. Qi also found out that Upa was kidnapped from his own family and was working under Hachiman to get his organs back. To save Upa's life, Qi decided to donate his organs to Upa.

Soon, Hachiman ordered Qi to create poison, Qi immediately refused, saying that he only creates medicine, and saying that if creates such poison, it will be him that is killing people. Hachiman then showed Qi the medicine Qi had made. Qi then immediately noticed that his medicine had other chemicals mixed into it. Hachiman praised Qi for noticing it almost immediately before revealing that he added chemicals into Qi's medicine, creating poison that killed many, before warning Qi that he will end up like Liang who he had brutally beaten up for sparing the people he was supposed to kill. Qi then watched on in horror as Hachiman brutally breaks Liang's arm, who then continued to stomp on him.


The New Year's Tournament Arc

Building 5 Arc


  • His name is part of the word for (七十一, Qīshíyī) seventy-one in Mandarin, which references his inmate number, Number 71.
  • His likes are plants, mayonnaise, and sweet and sour pork.
  • His dislikes are being busy and tired.
  • His hobbies include developing new medicine, researching plants and Mahjong.


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