(To Hachiman about Nico's alternate persona awakens) "that's why I told you that stuff's "poison",right? to completely breaks people down to this point. It breaks down the actions, language,reactions,limits, and everything else of people and makes them go out of control."
— Episode 21/Chapter 89
(To Hachiman) "Hachiman… you certainly do have a keen eye for people. You’re good at making deals and threatening others after all. but thats what backfired on you."
— Chapter 90/Episode 21
(To Hachiman)

"You won’t immediately kill personel who are useful to you.. you just use and use them, and then you crush them.

Someone who hates “losses” more than anyone can’t immediately make a decision. People who are too arrogant think that way too."
— Chapter 90/Episode 21
(To Hachiman) "to think you’d still try to use a guy like me. You’re pretty kind, in a sense. but, I’ll absolutely never forgive you. I’ll never forgive all of you…"
— Chapter 90/Episode 21
(To Upa and Liang)

"I mean, you guys are the type to act before you speak, right?

I thought if you knew what was happening here you’d definitely take action, after all."
— Chapter 90/Episode 21
(To Upa and Liang) "I didn’t want to take such a dangerous bet. I want you to at least take care of yourselves. Were finally at a place where we can start over, after all."
— Chapter 90/Episode 21

"People who live honest lives lose out. People who have a dirty way of life win. I was always the latter, so this reality pierced deep.

I don’t think I can lead an honest life at this point, but I thought I wanted to do something, that it was fine even if it was just self-satisfaction. No matter what kind of thing it is, it definitely has a use. I wanted to prove that by myself."
— Chapter 90/Episode 21
(To Upa and Liang) "Even I think this building is precious you know. since it’s necessary for us to properly start over. we were finally given a chance, so theres no way I’d be able to turn a blind eye."
— Chapter 90/Episode 21