Qi cares for Liang and respects him. Back when they worked for Hachiman, he would often give Liang sleeping drugs to help spare the people Liang was supposed to kill.


Qi cares for Upa and gave him some of his unnecessary organs to him after he (Upa) had his stolen. It also appears Qi cares for Upa as though he is his own child.


Utterly despised by Qi. Hachiman modified his medicine to kill and Qi could never forgive him for that, as well as harming Liang and Upa.


Samon Gokuu

Qi respects Samon greatly as Samon believes in what Qi says about a case where poison was unable to be detected. Qi was extremely grateful to Samon for believing in him. He also sees Samon as a person who will help Liang and Upa start all over again.


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