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Ruka Gojou



Biographical Information

五浄 流河


Gojou Ruka

Basic Information





174cm (5'7")

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color


Prison Information

Inmate (Current)
Guard (Formerly)




Episode 18

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Naozumi Takahashi

English Voice

Stephen Fu

Ruka Gojou五浄 流河」 is a former guard, now inmate at Nanba Prison Building 5.


Ruka has long, teal hair with bangs that go towards the middle of his forehead and towards his nose. It also frames the sides of his face in two locks, and flares out slightly towards the back. Two other long pieces of hair sit under the side-pieces, and under the back piece sit four more long strands. He wears a hat similar to the other guards, but decorated with three brass-colored hexagons lined up next to each other. Aside from a white button-down shirt, white gloves, a red tie, and a guard's uniform, he wears a necklace of large blue beads, resembling a set of Buddhist prayer beads. Under that, he wears a shawl of sorts that does not cover his shoulders, and tapers down to a jagged edge around his waist. The shawl is decorated with a pattern of interlocking hexagons in a manner similar to fish scales, and graduates from teal to blue. His boots are knee-high, purple, and decorated with yellow bands that cross each other and form a grid shape. Around his waist he wears a purple sash tied into a knot at the front. He has green eye-shadow and eye-liner that goes in lines downwards his eyes.


Ruka is just as vain as Kiji. He cares very much for his appearance. He is also quick to anger.




  • “Ru” in Ruka’s name means“flow” or “current" as in the flow of a stream of water and “ka” means “river”. “Go” means “five” “jo” means “pure, clean, unspoiled”.
  • Ruka’s surname “Gojou” is taken from “Sha Wujing” a river ogre from journey from the west another character that accompanied Sanzou (Xuanzang) on his journey.
  • It is a running gag throughout the series for many of the characters to call Ruka a kappa.
  • Ruka's hobbies include swimming and collecting dishes.


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