"The warden... She's shaking with rage!"

Episode 2
(To Hajime)

"I've got it! Number 25's mysterious power was awakened by something unknown during whatever it was while the reform school doctors were examining him, and he went berserk and escaped, right?!"

— Episode 2 (Talking about Nico)
(To Hajime)

"What, is he in grade school?!"

— Episode 2 (After finding out why Nico has escaped from previous prisons)
(To Hajime)

"Where is he hiding that kind of strength?"

— Episode 2 (Samon wondered how Nico was able to break through the walls of the prisons Nico broke out from)
(To Hajime)

"A battle between rival gangs! It's to avenge his friend who died in it, right?! His deep compassion towards his friend led him to escape!"

— Episode 2 (Samon speculates as to why Rock had escaped from previous prisons)
(To Hajime)

"I've got it! The reason why he was gambling was to earn money to pay for his wheelchair-bound girlfriend's medical bills after her accident! He had to give that money to her, no matter what! That's why he escaped, right?!"

— Episode 2 (Samon speculates as to why Uno had escaped from previous prisons)
(To Hajime)

"So, are you telling me he's behaving now because he doesn't have any dates?"

— Episode 2 (After finding out Uno's motive for escaping)
(To Hajime)

"Now I feel bad for guessing that!"

— Episode 2 (Samon feeling guilty for guessing correctly that Uno has no more dates)
(To Hajime)

"The warden kept glaring at you while you were cleaning. Did you do a thorough job?"

Episode 3
(To Hajime)

"To think Cell 13 is representing Building 13... What an unfortunate way to start the new year, huh?"

Episode 4
(To Inori)

"That's what happens when you underestimate them."

Episode 5
(Thinking/To --)

"Capturing the most dangerous one first is how we do things here at Nanba Prison, right? The same goes for this match!"

— Episode 5
(To Yamato)

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hold it, Yamato! Inmates not in their cell? You know that's not possible."

— Chapter/Episode 10
(To Uno, Rock, and Nico)

"I see... You tried to trick me, eh? You've got some brass ones. I'm gonna discipline you good, so get ready, brats!"

— Episode 10