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Seitarou Tanabata



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Tanabata Seitarou

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172cm (5'6")


55kg (121lbs)

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Deep Pink



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Chapter 2 (Cameo)
Chapter 5 (Debut)


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Keito Okuyama

English Voice

Dallas Reid

Seitarou Tanabata七夕星太郎」 is a supporting character of the anime and web manga series. He is one of the guards in charge of supervising Building 13 of Nanba Prison.


Seitarou is a handsome young man with deep pink eyes. He has wild blue hair reaching past his mid-backside, pulled back into a ponytail with a band adorned with two yellow star decorations.

He wears the standard Nanba Prison guard uniform which consists of a black jacket with one gold line on each sleeve, a white shirt and red tie; white gloves, a red belt with a gold buckle, knee-high black boots with red soles and a guard cap with the Nanba insignia on it.

Seitarou also wears a red arm band on his left arm with the number 13 on it, and his name tag on the left side of his chest.

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He is a crybaby and it makes one wonder why he became a guard in the first place. He tends to be the victim of bullying by the inmates and whenever a stressful situation occurs, he breaks down and panics. He looks up to Hajime Sugoroku as an older brother/mentor figure, who tells him he needs to step up and become more confident because if he manages to survive in Nanba Prison, he can survive anywhere. Part of the reason he is bullied is because he is a crybaby whose authority they don't respect and because he is a pretty boy. However, when they don't bully him they usually have him act as a servant, getting him to deliver them stuff they want so they won't be motivated to leave their cell. Seitarou himself doesn't realize this, but is happy when they don't bully/tease him and stay in their cell, stating he is developing a better relationship with them. This implies that despite his fear he does try to act nicely with them. Despite this, he is a hard worker and does his best at his job.

When not crying, he is a polite, calm person who does his duties. He is fairly formal and despite being afraid of the inmates, does try to act kindly to them. He is a shy and reserved person who is rather soft-spoken, becoming nervous even around the other guards. He is also very modest. He has an extremely good memory and also seems to be intelligent and patient, often explaining to the Cell 13 inmates the events happening at the prison.


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The New Year's Tournament Arc

Building 5 Arc


  • He likes konpeitou, yudofu (Boiled Tofu), work, and family.
  • He dislikes Shiitake mushrooms and violence.
  • His hobbies include sewing, reading, and mental arithmetic.
  • His favorite colors are sky blue and cherry pink; the colours of his hair and eyes.
  • He is popular with women.
  • He is extremely good at Karuta; swiping a card with such speed that it is almost difficult to see.
  • He has an excellent memory.
  • "Sei" means "Star" and "Tarou" is commonly used in a boys name in Japan. "Tanabata" is taken from an annual holiday celebrated in Japan: the star festival.


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