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Shin Sauzando


Biographical Information

一シン サウザンド


Sauzando Shin

Basic Information



Appears 30


199cm (6'6")

Hair Color

Platinum Blonde

Eye Color

Pale Blue

Prison Information



Chapter 170

Voice Actors

Shin Sauzando シン サウザンド」 is the Warden of the Nanba Women Prison.


Shin is a tall individual who has short light blonde hair with two strands on both sides of the front of his head. Shin also has several sets of prosthetic legs.


He's a bold individual, going as far as to grab Momoko Hyakushiki and flirt with her and even question Hajime when he comes in to hand her papers. He's also rather jumpy as seen when speaking with Kiji Mitsuba, and abrasive when he blatantly interrupted a moment of rareness between Kenshirou Yozakura when he almost got his head patted.

Despite these antics, his mood can change from polite and silly to downright cunning; knowing the information of events going on in the male side of Nanba even though he doesn't travel there often. He's also deceptive and can be cold when he feels necessary.


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  • Shin's name is written in katakana, which gives his given name various meanings depending on the kanji used. The kanji used for Shin are "紳" = "gentleman", "慎" = "Humility", "晋" = "advance", "新" = "new", "心" = "heart", "真" = "true", a play on his personality
  • His surname "Sauzando" means "Thousand".
  • It was briefly mentioned that he and Kiji have a history; Honey and Trois apparently broke into the Women Prison and attempted to steal underwear.


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