Skills & Abilities

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Uno is very observant, a skill he has picked up from his gambling addiction. He's able to see a person's tells that show when a person is nervous or what they are going to do. This is due to his frequent gambling habits that honed his ability to observe his opponents and see what they would do. Using his observation he was able to help figure out what kinds of traps were laid out in Nanba Prison in order to protect himself and his friends. This also allowed him to direct them to an exit when they were lost in a maze.[1] This skill also allowed him to defeat Honey and Trois in the third round of the New Year's Tournament, by observing their tells when going after a card in a game of Karuta.


He is rather intelligent, being only second to Jyugo and (possibly to an extent) Hajime. He is able to solve a number of puzzles in minutes though it takes Jyugo only seconds. He was also able to play Karuta and beat Honey and Trois with tremendous speed despite having only been taught the rules briefly by Seitarou and despite not being too familiar with Japanese language or culture.


He is a terrific gambler, winning almost all of his bets with the exception of Hajime (though on some of those games he cheats while others he wins through his intelligence and observational skills).

Lock Picking

He is actually a competent lock picker, having escaped all his prisons through his lock picking skills; though he's not on the same level as Jyugo.


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