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Yamato Godai



Biographical Information



Godai Yamato

Basic Information







202cm (6'6")


90kg (198lbs)

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Grey


Navarin Godai (Wife)

Nadeshiko Godai (Daughter)



Prison Information

Deputy Supervisor




Chapter 5


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Shunsuke Takeuchi

English Voice

Marcus D. Stimac

Yamato Godai'五代大和」 is a supporting character of the anime and web manga series. He is one of the deputy supervisors in Building 13 of Nanba Prison.


Yamato wears the standard Nanba uniform, consisting of a guard hat that is wrapped in a hinomaru hachimaki. A black overcoat with a white dress-shirt that has rectangular, gold collar pins; as well as a red neck-tie and black trousers. His name tag is fitted to his left breast on his uniform. On his left arm is the red building 13 arm band.

He has black hair with gradients of dark-grey as well as dark-grey eyes. His hair is styled in a way where the front is cut shorter and bluntly, with two side-pieces that extend to his chest.

Yamato carries a purple shinai bukuro, which he is usually seen carrying on his right shoulder.

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He is a loud and friendly person, often seen laughing heartily. He seems to be the most friendly of the guards, treating the inmates kindly and acting very friendly with them and is shown to not be scared or think ill of them in the slightest. He is pretty carefree, seen usually with a big smile on his face, and is rarely shown angry or sad.

Despite his love of training, he is shown to prefer peaceful methods and is smarter than he seems. He is a hardcore Japanese person and indulges in Japanese culture. Yamato is very skilled in calligraphy having a Masters teaching license in calligraphy. He's a very loud extrovert and tends to do what he wants, at one point riding a horse into Cell 13 and destroying the wall. He has shown to care for the inmates, at one point saving Rock and Uno after Jyugo went on a rampage. He tends to go with the flow of things and can be easily influenced, though he claims to always be serious. Out of all the inmates, he is arguably closest to Rock since the two are both stupidly strong, loud, and outgoing.


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The New Year's Tournament Arc

Building 5 Arc


  • His favorite colors are rose madder and reddish purple
  • He likes white rice.
  • His hobby is working out and offering his assistance.
  • He has a bad sense of direction, relying on Jyugo on some episodes.
  • "Yama" in his name means "great" or "big" and "to" means "peaceful" or "harmonious". "Go" in his name means "five" and "dai" means "generations" his name literately means "five generations".
  • His name "Yamato" was also used for Japanese battleships.
  • "大和" was originally used as the kanji name to write “japan”. This is referencing Yamoto and his design.


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